Q: Can I use store-bought chemicals to get rid of bed bugs?

A: Store-bought chemicals alone will not serve as a long-term solution for bed bugs. Bed bugs are infamous for their high resistance against common pesticides. These chemicals are largely ineffective.

Q: Will throwing away furniture, clothes or other household items eliminate bedbugs?

A: No — not only would you be throwing away money, but throwing away infested items may spread and introduce bed bugs into new locations! Bed bugs also commonly make hidden homes within the cracks and crevices of walls near infested areas. 

Q: Should I consider leaving my house during a visit from an exterminator?

A: Natural Pest Control technicians will not ask you to leave your home during inspections or treatments. We encourage you to ask questions and even assist by identifying sources of pest appearances to your technician in order to improve the chances of a successful pest control outcome.

Q: Should I do a pest inspection before taking any further actions?

A: Yes — Natural Pest Control highly encourages you to do a pest inspection before taking any further actions. We offer our valued customers with a free pest inspection, then our technicians will systematically customize a pest control plan for each residence. 

Q: Why should I do a professional bed bug treatment?

A: Remember, bed bug treatments are great for learning about prevention, proper inspection and control of the pest. Realizing the indicators of bed bug activity and reducing the hiding places are key elements for early detection. No two bed bug treatments are the same, even at the same location. Professonal inspection techniques and solutions will help to stop the resident’s future encounters with bed bugs. Also being there appears to lessen the apprehension that may arise with having bed bugs.

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