1. The real problem with bedbugs

    Following is a presentation on bedbugs we developed. We are often invited to community gatherings and we use this presentation to help us discuss this growing problem and what can be done about it. Bedbugs have been with society since caveman times and there is no evidence today to suggest they are going away. We are strong advocates of the community working together to reduce the problem of bedbugs. The technology exists to control bedbug infestations, so If we don’t work together the real problem with bedbugs is more us than the bedbugs. For example, talking openly to get the facts straight about how one gets bedbugs and what is necessary to get rid of them is important because it can reduce social stigma. We regularly read comments posted by readers of an article on bedbugs that are factually wrong and perpetuate unhelpful stereotypes. Other people don’t talk about the problem because they are embarrassed or feel shame. This is unnecessary, and we want to change it.  

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