A new, non-toxic and effective solution to eliminate bed bugs and monitor your home or business is here!

Keep productivity high

Don’t let a pest infestation in your office affect your employees.

Protect your home and the environment

With our child-friendly and pet-friendly pest treatments.

Sleep tight tonight

With our bed bug monitoring and prevention program.

Your restaurant deserves 5 stars

Keep it that way by scheduling regular exterminations.

Serving Philadelphia and South Jersey since 1979.

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“I live a row home and I thought I would never get rid of these bugs. I  called Natural Pest Control because I saw their truck. All I can say is, NO MORE BUGS! Thank you, they were professional and fast. I didn’t even have to leave!”

Jamal. A

“I had bed bugs and everyone was telling me to throw everything out. I called NPC. They came quickly, checked my house and I didn’t have to throw out my furniture. I stayed in the house while they exterminated too. They really are nontoxic and they got rid of the bugs.”

Gladys. B

“I couldn’t sleep because I kept hearing a mouse in my room at night. I called Natural Pest Control. It wasn’t just one mouse either. They came and I haven’t seen a mouse since then.”

Denise. M

“Thank you NPC! I am embarrassed to say that I had a roach infestation. I couldn’t get rid of them, I tried sprays, traps and even another pest company. They were rude and I still had roaches. I’m happy to say, it’s been 4 months and haven’t seen one roach!!!!!” Crystal. S

We preserve what you deserve, we eradicate what you hate.

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